Digital Marketing Certificate Program – 6 Months

Want to start a career in Digital Marketing ? Or want to learn Digital Marketing for your business or career ? Then this professional Digital Marketing Certificate program is for you.

Digital Marketing is evolving fast.  How can you keep up with all the options, platforms, and trends, much less know which ones are worth pursuing? Take your training to the next level with a comprehensive Digital Marketing Certificate program, learn how to use each tool, and decide which strategy is better for which type of campaign and what kind of business.
Abbo D’Léon and other seasoned professionals and experts will give you everything you need to start your Digital Marketing career, take your business to the next level, and run your own highly successful Digital Marketing campaign.

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Course Area:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
    Understanding Digital Marketing
    Components & Channels
    Understanding Users, Customers, Clients
  2.  Digital Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Objectives & KPIs
    Creating Your First Avatar
    Creating Your First Funnel & Stages of User Journey
    Creating Your Digital Marketing Plan
  1. What is Content Marketing, content creation
    Types of Digital Content/ Media
    Plan Your Content
    Create vs Curating Content
    Designing and Creating Content- Video, Audio, Written, Graphics
    Distribute & Promote Content
    Optimize & Repurpose Your Content
  1. Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Channels
    Social Media Content & Creating your Calendar
    Focusing on Facebook
    Focusing on Twitter
    Focusing on Instagram
    Social Media Automation
  1. Running ads like a PRO
    Intro to Social Media Advertising
    Platforms for Social Ads & Getting Started
    Facebook — Create Ad Sets
  1. Display and Video Advertising
    How Do Display Ads Work?
    Sales Models
    Video Advertising
    Case studies
  1. Monetize your impact and influence
    Creating your first product
    Platforms for monetization
    Thought leadership business models*Capstone project 1
  1. Setup your Email Marketing and Funnels
    Email List Generation
    Create and Optimizing Effective Email Campaigns
    Measure Results
    Case studies
  2. Course /Product Creation
    Creating your 1st course &eBook
    Choosing a platform for your eBook /course
    Promoting Your product
  3. Blogging and Search Engine Optimization
    Blogging platforms
    Creating your 1st blog post
    Optimizing for search
    Cross platforming
  4. Product/ Brand launches
    Pre & Post rollout/launch objectives & strategies
    Brand rollouts- Case studies
  5. Virtual events, Collaborations, and becoming an influencer
    Finding and Communicating with Influencers
    Hosting your virtual event
    Pre & post event setup
    Using your platforms for influencing
    Business Models
    Case studies
  1. Understanding Analytics and Using Google Analytics
    Get Oriented in Google Analytics
    Understand Your Audience
    Understand Behavior
    Case studies*Capstone project 2

Our Classroom Experience includes:

  • Real-World Project
  • Knowledge
  • Quizzes
  • Technical Mentor Support
  • Custom Study PlanThis training investment is N250,000
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