About Abbo D’ Leon

Abbo D’ Leon is a Digital Marketing Expert, Creative Web Designer, and Brand Developer. He is a Branding /Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur with a deep passion and personal interest in creative digital design with over half a decade of experience in digital marketing, web/app designing technology, branding, and development of highly profitable and efficient brands from the ground up while creating awesome content/experiences, marketing campaigns for brands, organizations, and communities. 

Leon hacks attention for brands using awesome Content/ storytelling, Culture, and Community, and He loves to be at the center of tech, pop culture, and entrepreneurship. He enjoys working with driven individuals, smart businesses and startups passionate about building innovative and unconventional ideas and businesses and He seeks to help these individuals and brands by the following: 

  • Identifying their unique brand voice/message and connecting with their target audience.
  • Defining and amplifying their brand voice/message and communicating it effectively.
  • Exploring meaningful avenues to generate recurring revenue for new and existing businesses. 
  • Motivating and encouraging young adults and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

He currently works as the Creative Director at Pro House Concepts(A  Digital Design, Strategy, and Marketing firm catering to the needs of NEW/EXISTING BRANDS and INDIVIDUALS) where he has worked with and trained over 4500 individuals, skilled professionals, and executives for various organizations. He’s also the Co-Director at Startup Grind Benin {a global community of over 3 million successful innovators, founders, investors, creatives, and educators}, as well as being the Communications Lead for TedxAideyanSt- tedxaideyast.com. He’s the Ex Co-founder and Head of Production/Content Creator at KampusTV NG – kampustv.ng {Nigeria’s Premier online campus channel which produces, publishes, and promotes talents, events, and gist around Nigerian campuses}. He also served as the media and publicity associate at SabiHub Nigeria, among other roles.

He loves to listen to music and play basketball in his leisure, enjoys Nigerian jollof with fried plantain, will do anything for a mean cup of ice cream, and is absolutely a coffee junkie. 

He’s reachable on all social networks on his handle @King_Leonne or email at hello@abboleon.com.

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