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7 Power Tips To Get Your Personal Brand Recognized and Increase Your Impact, Income, and Influence.

If you notice, it consists of two words. PERSONAL + BRANDING. What is this thing called personal branding?

Branding has been mistaken to mean logos, colors, shapes, and sounds. It is all of that and more. It is the feeling that those things evoke, they are intangible which means you can’t see them.

A brand is a way a product, company, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. It is much more than just a name or a logo; a brand is the recognizable feeling these assets (logos, slogans, colors, sounds etc.) evoke.

Why you must have a Personal Brand and Take It Seriously Include:
1. To command authority in the market or industry.

2. To be able to control your price and avoid people pricing you low and basically driving your value down.
3. To be able to choose your clients and projects.
4. To be FREE and live the life you choose on your own terms.

I’d be sharing 7 tips on how you can Build a Personal Brand That Would Be Recognized And Will Increase Your Impact, Income, And Influence?

1. Be A Person, Personify Your Brand.
Most people do not want to show their face or want to “post pictures” OR DON’T KNOW HOW! Well, you don’t have to really post pictures, especially of yourself. But your brand should have attributes people can relate to as a person.

So basically, WHO do you want to be? You get to decide this and how do you want users or people to experience you and interact with you?

2. Pick A Niche, Promise, or Message.
Your brand promise is that thing you want to be known for? Think about the following brands:

Chicken Republic.

What do they bring to mind? When you figure this out, the next step becomes easy.

PS. This is housekeeping. You have to put your house in order before you even think of speaking to the world or going out.

PPS. You can evolve and grow, don’t let this stop you. Start where you are, with what you have. Your brand promise or message could be that thing you think the world is missing.

Is it clean water? Is it fashion for plus-sized women? Is it education? Is it street children that makes your heartbeat? Is it people who pronounce Google as Guggle? Or people who have a flat stomach?

Guess by now You’re Thinking, I Know What I Want to Do but You’re Wondering, How Do I Do It?

3. Know The 3w’s. WHY, WHO, WHAT.

Start with why, know the who, and decide the what. You’re not for everybody so your personal brand isn’t for everybody? As hard as this may seem, not everyone loves dodo(plantain) and it’s painful to see.

This is the truth about the world, so you have to decide:

WHY: Always start with why.


“People don’t burn out because of what they do, people burn out because they forget WHY they do what they do.”


WHO: As I said, you’re not for everyone, you must deliberately decide who you want your Target Audience to be and focus on them because your Target Audience is the primary target for your brand, and it’s the message.

For example, you can’t convince a Monkey that pounded yam and Egusi tastes better than a banana. Even that statement is debatable but there are people who go to the grave to prove that point. Now, you know WHY you need a personal brand and WHY you’re starting or taking yours seriously in the first place and you know WHO you want to reach out to.

WHAT: This is the value or message, info or promise that you want to bring to these beautiful people? Waaiiiiit !! Stop!! Stop there. I hope you’re not saying that there’s someone already doing what I want to do. The question is are they doing it like you want to? Can you do it better than them? Are they doing it for the people you intend to do it for?

These are a few thoughts to help guide you in getting started and improving your impact as a personal brand.


“If you bring value, you’ll always get the reward for value. The reward for value is money.

Value is the name of the game.”


The feeling, the memory you evoke as we said earlier plus your brand promise is the value you bring. Everybody has value. We’ve talked about the impact and that’s very important and like a key to everything.

Next is influence and this can be created through the way you express yourself. In this day and age, there are three (3) major ways to express yourself;

4. Express Yourself In 3 Forms; Audio, Video, and Written.

Thanks to digital technology, everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection has a voice. Let me share some examples:

i. Written/Images: Blogs, Medium.com , eBooks, white papers, articles, infographics, quizzes, polls, artworks, newsletters.

ii. Audio: Podcasts, Interviews, Zoom, Radio, Twitter spaces, Telegram audio.

iii. Video: YouTube, Skits, IG reels, IGTV, Gifs Facebook video, Zoom, Video courses.

Yes, there are plenty. and if you’d like to know how to get started and makeup to N100,000 monthly on this, then get my 100k Online Business Guide

5. Collaborate to conquer.
This is unique because you can generally do this for business brands as you can for a personal brand.

So many persons like Steve Harris, Niyi Adesanya, Abbo Léon, Wizkid, Drake, Skepta, P-Square, Rick Ross, 2Baba, Peruzzi, Nathaniel Bassey, Chandler Moore, D’Banj, Kanye West down to Comedians like Edo Pikin and Basket Mouth have used this particular tip to sell several records, shows, products, programs, events, and trainings.

It’s important to work with other established or even up-and-coming brands to get more ground and expose yourself to newer audiences.

This helps you to become :
a). A Familiar face/brand , and helps you to become
b). A Trusted and recognizable brand.

Most people won’t buy from you or patronize you either as a personal or business brand if they don’t KNOW YOU, TRUST YOU OR LIKE YOU. In marketing, we call this the KLT factor.

Also, know that collaboration helps you to bypass this filter by showing up alongside another reputable brand and actually not doing it on your own all along.
HERE’S A SUGGESTION: If you sell shoes, collaborate with a fashion seller and share each other’s work or even create a bouquet or package together.
If you have a food/drink brand, you can reach out to me (other influencers) to share your products and services on my platforms.

If you’re a photographer, reach out to a fashion brand or even model and work on a free shoot. Photographer gets content and Fashion brand gets content too; they both get value at the end the collaboration exposes each brand to a new set of eyes and audience they didn’t have before.
You get the idea, right?

All I have said from the start will not work if you don’t BRING VALUE and SOLVE PROBLEMS. But what is this value and how do we create it and how does it affect your income? ENTER THE 6TH POWER TIP.

6. Creating value and solving problems using EIEI.

EIEI simply means

(Save this post or write it down somewhere. It will help you to create and capture value).

Let me explain this using the 3 forms of communication.
If you’re a fashion brand, you can use video to make how-to videos, that’s EDUCATION.
If you’re a basketball academy, you can have an audio podcast to help people with inspiration or VLOG to teach students and others how to do simple tricks and stay fit-INSPIRATION and EDUCATION.
If you’re a business brand you can also have a blog to give business tips-INFORMATION.

The applications are endless.

PPPS: Don’t try to limit the things you can do because you don’t have all the requirements to start your brand; you can use just your smartphone to achieve all of these if you can’t get hold of a laptop or fancy equipment.

One critical thing you should know is that you can also sell to people in different locations within and outside your country using just your smartphone. That brings us to the final power tip.

7. Create digital products, offers and sell like crazy.
No one will come to your house and bargain for a t-shirt or suit in your wardrobe because your make the best T-shirts/suits if you don’t put it on display in a store or offline(Think about it for a minute.)

You don’t buy what’s not on sale.

You could be the best thing since fried plantain but
i. if you don’t talk to the world using the 3 forms above, NO ONE WILL KNOW YOU.
ii. If you don’t capture the value you offer in a product, ebook, course, training, boot camp, etc, NOBODY WILL PAY FOR IT.
So, it’s not just about being impactful or creating value, you must put it in a form that people can pay money for it in exchange.

I hope these few points of mine are able to help you get started and successfully navigate your personal brand. Leave a comment below or other questions, you’d like me to answer or make a video about it on my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading! If you got value from this blog, I’d appreciate it if you shared it on your favorite social media platform or with a friend.

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